CBD Balms are one of the most effective ways to treat your skin with the goodness of hemp extract while treating the soreness, achy muscles, arthritis, and joint pain instantly. People of all ages applaud the potency of CBD balms in rejuvenating the body. Whether you are an athlete or an elderly person, working from home or working long shifts at the office, your body would need the benefits of CBD to ease the built-up tension. Therefore, we have brought to you the 30 best CBD balms to try in 2021 to feel refreshed all day long. Let’s dive in.

1. Lazarus Naturals Topical Lavender Balm

Infused with refreshing floral fragrance, Lazarus Naturals topical lavender balm is one of the highest acclaimed CBD balms. The customers love the product for its effectiveness in creating a calming effect. The balm can also be your number one hemp product for its organic ingredients such as mango butter and beeswax. With the help of the terpenes and the goodness of hemp, the balm gives a good calming and soothing treatment to your muscles.

2. Charlotte’s Web Hemp Infused Balm

It is normal for your knuckles and other joints to hurt after along tiring day. However, you should not ignore it. To treat the pain of the muscles around these areas, Charlotte Web’s balm can work effectively with the help of quality hemp extract which is gluten-free and contains no major allergens. The balm can be applied at night as it has a very fine texture that doesn’t feel heavy after application. The product is vegan, free from artificial colors and dyes, and GMOs. This full-spectrum CBD balm is famous among customers for treating arthritis joints.

3. Canna River Warming Balm

The warming balm by Canna River has caught our eye for its interesting ingredients that make this product stand out and enriched with more goodness than any other. The balm is made of quality hemp extract which has been mixed with cinnamon, clove, and ginger. The topical CBD balm is potent in treating the painful areas with the help of Juniper that blesses the product with the natural heat and signature aroma. The product contains 1000mg of CBD which also works efficiently in treating muscle soreness and tension.

4. Koi CBD Healing Balm

KOI CBD healing balm is made with high-quality ingredients and hemp extract which tremendously soothes sensations in any body part and immediately creates a calming effect. Packed with coconut oil, aloe vera, lavender, and chamomile oil, this balm leavesthe skin moisturized for hours. KOI CBD has also ensured that the product is only made with ingredients having non-detectable levels of THC. You might feel a burning effect right after its application but it is nothing to be worried about. You just need to relax and let the balm do the wonders for you.

5. JustCBD Pain Relief Balm

Do you want relief from aches, soreness, and pains and feel refreshed all day long? JustCBD’sCBD pain cream can be your magic spell to set free from tiredness and muscular pain. The infusion of broad-spectrum hemp extract, mixed with Aloe leaf juice, beeswax, Vitamin E, and sunflower oil, makes the product capable of instantly healing and nourishing the skin all at once.

For its amazing results the brand has been featured on various international platforms, including Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, Salt Lake Magazine, and Paisley.

6. Social CBD Mint Lip Balm

Your lips also crave the benefits of CBD and that’s why Social has introduced CBD lip balm. The balm is made with hemp extract to bid farewell to your chapped lips. To moisturize the lips, the product has been mixed with avocado oil, shea butter, coconut oil, and other natural moisturizers like vitamin E and beeswax.

7. Veritas Farms Unscented Salve

Veritas Farms has formulated its unscented salve with full-spectrum CBD which can surely make it into your favorite CBD products’ list. It has been made with organic hemp extract sourced from Colorado which can ease the soreness of muscles and make your life painless. The non-GMO product also contains natural EV coconut oil and beeswax to keep your skin nourished and healthy.

8. Papa & Barkley Relief Balm

If you want to bid farewell to all the minor muscle and joint pain and don’t want to come across them again for a long time, then the clean artisanal CBD balm by Papa & Berkley can become your best buddy. The product comes in two strengths 15ml and 50ml jars offering 180mg and 600mg of CBD respectively. You can apply it 3 to4 times a day as it is completely safe to use. Also, the terpenes and essential oil blend of tea tree and peppermint load it with goodness.

9. Receptra Naturals Full-Spectrum Relief Stick

Receptra Relief’s stick holds a perfect blend of organic and carefully chosen components that promote speedy recovery and ensure that you live an active life. It also contains arnica and jojoba which can help reduce swelling and inflammation. The camphor used in the balm also assists in soothing the aches. The roll-on stick not only feels good but also smells refreshing due to the infusion of jasmine and ylang-ylang.

10. Neurogan INC. Lavender Balm

Neurogan INC.’s lavender balm can become one of the best CBD products for you. Made with organic components such as MCT oil, and beeswax. This non-GMO product incorporates pure cannabinoids including CBD, CBN, CBD, CBC, and CBG which comes in handy in easing stubborn pain.

11. CBDfx Ultra Moisturizing Balm

For overnight treatment of pain, CBDfx’s ultra-moisturizing balm can be really helpful in relaxing the sore muscles and rejuvenating skin. The potent dose of 750mg of CBD can help you have an active morning and refreshed strength to kick start the new day. The perfect blend of pure shea butter, roman chamomile oil, lavender oil, and wild orange oil can also heal your skin with the blast of tropical aroma. The lab-tested product also ensures that it doesn’t create any side effects on your body.

12. CBDistillery CBDOL Full-Spectrum Balm

CBDistillery’s products stand specials for relieving the pain and assisting your body recover from aches. CBDOL Balm, like its other fellows, is made with the excellent quality of hemp extract sourced from the USA. The brand has also been named as ‘number 1 Hemp-Derived CBD Salve in 2017’ in Times Magazine.

The fusion of organic ingredients’ oil including coconut, olive, apricot, sunflower, almond mixed with beeswax makes it an amazing moisturizer. Another blend of essential oils (lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and pine, etc.,) makes it wonderfully effective in calming joint and muscle pain. The product offers 500mg of CBD per jar and is completely free from GMOs.

13. Heritage Hemp Lip Balm

Heritage’s Moisturizing Lip Balm is one of the finest picks for lip nourishment. The coconut oil, Vitamin E, beeswax, and sunflower oil present in it will help you bid farewell to the chapped lips. Thisnatural hemp extract in the balm will protect your lips in the harsh or sunny weather while its fragrance will make you feel roaming in the garden, thanks to the presence of lavender and peppermint essential oils.

14. Avida CBD Relief Balm

To provide yourself a boost of CBD-enhanced goodness, add Avida’s relief balm to your cart. Made with broad-spectrum CBD oil, the balm is also an effective anti-inflammatory remedy. It contains organic components such as avocado, lavender, and coconut oil mixed with beeswax to keep your skin healthy away from THC, or any other harmful ingredient. 

15. Ignite Cherry Lip Balm

To set yourself free from aching, and dry skin, try adding Ignite’s cherry lip balm to your daily routine. Holding the juicy blast of cherry, the balm contains a potent dose of CBD and essential oils to boost your lips’ outlook and make them healthier. The combination saves your lips from crack and makes them look plumper and nourished. 

16. Blue Label Hand and Body Salve

Blue Label hand and body salve is made with organic and essential oils which assist in nourishing your body. The revitalizing salve has also been infused with CBD, sunflower and coconut oil, beeswax, and organic Shea butter, to provide you with a smooth skin and bless you with a refreshing fragrance. It also enables the salve to work as an anti-inflammatory to kick out the bacteria and other harmful germs from your body.Made with 50mg CBD sourced from hemp extract, the salve aims to give an invigorating and natural healing experience with the help of healthy natural ingredients.

17. Blue Moon Hemp Eucalyptus Slave

Eucalyptus CBD salve by Blue Moon Hemp can help you ease the soreness of muscles and joints due to immense work. The slave helps in healing with the goodness of eucalyptus and high-quality hemp. The product also offers a potent infusion of 500mg of CBD which directly affects achy joints or muscle. The virgin olive and vegetable oil, used in the product’s formulation, also boost the benefits of hemp extract.

18. Irwin Naturals Full-Spectrum Arnica Balm

Irwin Naturals has found the best cure for all your cuts, bruises, wounds, rashes, scratches and joint pains. Its Arnica full-spectrum balm is made of premium quality ingredients that can help you get rid of all the soreness, pain, and encourage healing. The CBD balm contains 1000mg of CBD isolates, mixed with soothing organic essential oils such as eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree, and muscle-relaxing magnesium. The product is also free from any artificial dyes, preservatives, or fragrances therefore, you don’t have to be worried about your safety.

19. Pachamama CBD Athletic Rub

Bringing you another finest plant-based skin moisturizer, we have added Pachamama’s CBD Athletic rub which has been formulated with shea and cacao butter. Due to these ingredients, the balm can keep your body nourished and hydrated while calming the pain. Infused with 500mg of full-spectrum CBD, the balm can become your favorite ointment for soothing and revitalizing effects. What makes the balm stand out is its water-free formula to support an active lifestyle.

20. PlusCBD Raw Travel Sized Balm Stick

Plus CBD’s travel-sized balm can fulfill your need for 25mg of CBD. The balm has been mixed with skin-balancing CBDA. The organic ingredients, made with raw formula, make the balm able to boost calmness around sore muscles. The balm stick also provides a refreshed and clean skin instantly. Therefore, it forms the perfect travel buddy. The balm is non-GMO and gluten-free. Moreover, the balm stick is also free of any artificial dyes, parabens, or fragrances.

21. TropiCBD Lip Balm

TropiCBD’s Lip balm has been skillfully curated with organic extracts.It provides your lips a blast of 15mg of full-spectrum CBD goodness and, that too comes in a cute and convenient-to-use pack. This lip balm also has Vitamin E to make your lips healthier and prevent dryness. The lip balm is free from THC and is non-GMO. It has also never been tested on animals. So that you don’t have to be guilty of hurting poor lives and just freely enjoy the nourished lips all day long.

22. Korent Hemp Warming Roll-On Stick

Korent Hemp has impressed us with its warming roll-on stick which provides your body a calming and relaxing effect. The product contains 200mg of full-spectrum CBD, lavender and olive essential oil, and high-quality ingredients which ensure the instantrecovery from all sorts of pains, cuts, and bruises. The balm is effective in easing the soreness around wrists, ankles, calves, or knees very quickly.

23. Freed CBD Balm

Freed CBD has kept its products free of THC, and used the premium quality of broad-spectrum cannabidiol. The blend of lavender, eucalyptus, beeswax, and coconut oil offers you the potent dose enriched inhemp oil, Vitamin E, and fatty acids. The organic and finest components bring you the purest CBD experience. If you are also suffering from dry skin, or sore hands and feet, then a few minutes of the balm’s application can bring you the better results.

24. El Gallo Infused Balm

El Gallo’s CBD balm works wonderfully in treating the achy muscles quickly. The full-spectrum CBD balmis made to suit everyone no matter what skin type. Greasy oils and inorganic products have been kept away during production for the healthiest and smoothest skin as an end result. The balm offers 250mg of CBD which is very easy to use.Containing CBD oil mixed with natural plant minerals and vitamins, this balm ensures effectiveness and safety.

The product is tested by the third-party lab, providing the best quality of the product with appropriate measurements of CBD dosage.  

25. Kushy Body Balm

The 1000mg of premium quality hemp extract packed in a 1ml full dropper can be your next favorite CBD body balm. Kushy’s body balm hardly takes a few minutes to get completely absorbed in the muscles which ensures quick results. The balm has been infused with the light and refreshing taste of mint that will cool down the burning sensation on the skin. It also holds a bunch of natural and beneficial terpenes and essential oil which is dairy and fat-free.

26. Root Wellness Menthol Muscle Balm

Enriched with the goodness of the 50mg of a potent dose of broad-spectrum CBD, mixed with menthol, shea butter, and a perfect blend of essential oils, Root Wellness’s muscle balm is very effective in setting you free from muscles and joint pain. The balm is efficient in calming muscular tension around particular areas of your body such as knees, and calves. The product is also effective in healing the tissues of the skin and make it look nourished.

27. Shikai Double Strength Balm Mentholated

The balm has been formulated with the iconic blend of CBD, beeswax, and borage oil which is amazing in soothing the muscular tension. The menthol content in the product helps to stimulate blood flow for rapid healing. Moreover, the balm is completely gluten and peanut-free and for your assurance, it has been tested by a third-party lab. You will be away from any psychoactive effects as this balm is also THC-free.

28. Synchronicity Sports Balm

Synchronicityis here to rescue all the athletes and hardworkers from the muscle aches with its sports balm. The balm is CBD infused to boost the recovery process for the muscles that get stressed due to prolonged hard work.The combination of Hemp and homeopathic ingredients like arnica, menthol, peppermint, and camphor makes it potent in making your body active and refreshed.

29. CBD Living Travel Sized Cherry Lip Balm

Wherever you go, bring the goodness of CBD with you! CBD Living’s travel-sized cherry lip balm can fit in your backpack and always be there with you to offer the 50mg of naturally occurring hemp extract. The balms can nourish your lips instantly and the blend of essential oil locks the moisture so that your lips don’t look chapped through your traveling.  Made with Nano Hemp extract, the balm is safe and THC-free, keeping you away from any psychoactive effects.

30. Hempfusion CBD Pain Relief Balm

Hempfusion’s CBD pain relief balm is here to help you feel more active and freer from muscular pain. The balm offers you maximum relaxation with the help of 50mg of premium quality CBD which has been extracted with the help of the CO2 extraction method. Active menthol and other natural ingredients such as hemp-derived omega ensure the balm’s skin-nourishing function.

Wrapping Up

From lip to the body, we have shared our favorite CBD balms with you which you should try out this year to feel more active, lively, and refreshed. Don’t wait any longer and start adding the products to your cart now and upgrade your lifestyle into a healthier one.

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