How We Got Started

Mama’s Healing Hands was started by a mother who just wanted to heal her daughter’s alopecia with out using any harsh medications or chemicals and turned in to a profitable business.  When my daughter was in the 5th grade she was diagnosed with traction Alopecia.  The doctor didn’t know if the hair would grow back so he gave her two pills, a cream and a shampoo.  After one day of taking the medication my daughter had to be sent home from school with a migraine and severe vomiting.  At that point I felt helpless, but I remembered as a child my grandmother would tell me that for every affliction God has created a natural solution so I began researching.  After a few tries I came up with a hair cream that I liked so I started using it on my daughter and within 3 months her bald spots were gone.  I was happy with the results and that was it; I didn’t even think of selling it, I was just happy to help my daughter.  It wasn’t until my brother saw the results that he convinced me that I could use this product to help empower others. Hair loss often affects our self-esteem I decided that he was right, so I moved forward and ended up creating a whole product line!!! Our mission at Mama’s Healing Hands is to help give people natural alternatives to harsh medications so that they can have healthy hair and skin.