What is a Prefilled Pod Vape?

If you are a vape enthusiast, you must be excited about the latest vape mods and tanks coming out in the market these days.

Pod kits come in different shapes and sizes, depending upon the type of usage and expectations of the users. They provide a great way to satiate nicotine cravings, especially if you are someone who is transitioning from smoking cigarettes. So, Is a Disposable Pod Vape right for you? What is a Prefilled Pod Vape? In this article, we are going to address these questions.

Are You New to Vaping?

Despite the prevalence of these alternate smoking devices, many people are still unaware of the types of cartridges and pods available out there.

During the last decade, thousands of ex-smokers shifted to vaping to lead a healthier life. Not only did it prove to be a safer smoking option but it is also easier to operate and maintain. Because of the increasing demand for vape devices, according to Dimepiece LA, there was an influx of new vape mods and kits during the past few years.

What started with just a simple e-cigarette back in 2003 has now turned into a giant industry with endless growth potential. With time, new vape devices are coming up with improved features in terms of safety, flavor delivery, and convenience.

One such innovation is the prefilled pod vape system. These closed-system vaping devices are much safer than their e-cig counterparts. These prefilled kits are more powerful and long-lasting than their traditional counterparts.

Even if you become an experienced vaper, you would also prefer owning a prefilled vape kit due to its ease of operation, cheap pricing, and stable performance.

What You Need to Know About Pod Vapes as a Beginner

Vaping industry is becoming more extensive and specialized with the growing awareness of vape users. According to some estimates, the US vape market is expected to reach USD 7.4 billion in 2021.

As vape fans are becoming pickier nowadays, manufacturers have to keep up with the growing expectations of the target audience. Vape brands are constantly releasing new high-standard devices that allow a discreet vaping experience for the users to fit their lifestyle.

Being a newbie vaper, you might be confused about the specifications and types of vape devices available out there. Firstly, you need to know about the basic components of a vape device. A vape consists of:

  • A mouthpiece
  • A battery
  • A cartridge or pod
  • A heating element

A pod vape is based on a detachable cartridge that either comes prefilled or can be manually refilled. You also would need to select a particular e-liquid to enjoy flavor sensations of your choice. There are essentially two types of pod vapes:

  1. Prefilled Pod Vape

Also known as closed-system pod vapes, prefilled pod vapes are compact e-cigarettes that come with a non-refillable e-juice tank from the manufacturer.

This means that the e-juice is already filled in the laboratories by the manufacturers and the users cannot make any adjustments in terms of flavor. But you can still select blends of your choice by buying specific types of disposable e-liquid cartridges. The nicotine salt capacity of these pod vapes usually ranges from 1.2 mL to 2.0 ml.

They are pretty much like tea bags; once they run dry you can replace the prefilled cartridge with a new one. Prefilled pod systems provide a user-friendly vaping experience to the users, as they don’t have to worry about refilling the e-juice from time to time.

Benefits of Prefilled Pod Vapes:

These draw-activated devices are fairly simple to operate and they mostly come with a one-button-all mechanism. All you need to do is take a puff from your mouth and you would be instantly relieved with a satiating nicotine delivery in your bloodstreams.

Easy maintenance is another attractive feature of disposable pod kits, as you don’t have to go through the hassle of cleaning the tank every month. You would also not need to buy coils of specific thickness to calibrate with the device.

Also, you don’t have to measure the volume of e-juice that goes into the atomizer in the atomizer. These hassle-free devices come prefilled with different flavors of e-liquids so that the users can instantly take puffs. The chances of e-liquid leakage are also minimal in these devices, as you are not required to pull out any component for adjustment or customization.

Drawbacks of Prefilled Pod Vapes:

There is a certain level of restriction for the users of disposable pod vapes when it comes to nicotine strength. As the e-liquid cartridges come prefilled with specific nicotine concentration by volume you would not be able to increase or decrease it.

You might also face limitations in terms of flavor choice, as there are limited flavor options available for each type of disposable vape brand. The chances of spit backs are also higher in these pod kits.

You might also have to compromise on vapor production, as you would not be able to create thick plumes of vapor clouds because of the compact batteries that come with disposable vape devices.

The environmental impact of disposable prefilled pod vapes are also a drawback, creating excess plastic battery waste due to their single use nature. Some new innovations expected to come in 2021 are recyclable disposable pod vapes like the SOLO recyclable vape pen.

Refillable pod vapes provide a superior vaping experience to vape fans who want to enhance the entire nicotine delivery process.

Also known as open pod systems, refillable pod vapes come with refillable tanks that can be filled up with almost any type of e-liquid available out there. The high-capacity battery and a large tank of these pod vapes provide a longer duration of vaping. The heavy-duty tanks can hold e-liquid ranging from 2 ml to 8 ml, depending upon the size and dimensions of the vape device.

While it may seem advantageous that you can easily refill any e-liquid of your choice, it can sometimes get messy if you are not an experienced user. You would have to replace the coil and clean the tank on a timely basis to ensure optimal operation of the device.

Benefits of Refillable Pod Vapes:

The superior mouth to lung (MTL) nicotine delivery function of these devices ensures a smooth smoking experience for ex-smokers, as it replicates the mechanism like that of a traditional tobacco cigarette.

The latest devices come with an auto-draw function that makes the device fully operational without any button. With these pod vapes, you would not be restricted to use e-juices manufactured by a specific brand, as you would be able to fill up your vape tank with an endless variety of flavor options.

You also don’t have to be bound to specific nicotine strength, as you would be able to customize it according to your needs and cravings. You can also detach various components of an open pod device for replacement or upgrade purposes.

Drawbacks of Refillable Pod Vapes:

There is a maintenance hassle that you have to take into account when you decide to purchase a refillable pod vape system. You cannot simply throw away the pod vape once you run out of e-liquid. This means that you would have to take extra care of the device and make sure that it doesn’t incur any physical damage.

Refilling and recharging the device is another drawback factor associated with open system pod vapes. You would have to take some time out after every few days to recharge the battery and refill the e-liquid in the tank.

Inexperienced users are also at risk of inhaling hazardous chemicals if they don’t purchase e-liquids from certified vape shops. It is recommended to check the authenticity of the vape brand before purchasing any item.

Finally, the bulky shape and size of refillable pod vape devices can cause hindrance if you are looking for an uninterrupted and discreet vaping session. Unlike disposable vape pens that are compact, refillable pod vapes can be easily spotted from a distance because of their large size.

Is a Disposable Pod Vape right for you?

You would be able to answer this question by analyzing your smoking habits and daily nicotine requirements.

If you are a frequent smoker who smokes up to a pack of cigarettes a day, then you might be able to satiate your nicotine cravings with these closed system pod vapes. They come prefilled with a dense nicotine salt concentration, which gives an instant throat hit to the users.

On the other hand, if you are someone who easily gets bored by using the same e-liquid flavors, then you should opt for refillable pods vapes. With these devices not only would you be able to try out new flavors but you would also be able to experience stronger throat hits in each draw.


There’s no doubt that both vape systems serve vaping needs of different types of vapers. It ultimately depends upon your daily nicotine needs and flavor choice variations.

We hope you were able to get some useful insights about the topics: Is a Disposable Pod Vape right for you? What is a Prefilled Pod Vape? Is a disposable vape recyclable? By going through the details you would be able to make a better decision whether you should opt for disposable pod vapes or not.

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